Carbon Footprint

Green Tourism is an innovative approach: La Quercia offers each guest a pleasant stay, in harmony with the environment and the local culture.
Comfort and eco-sustainability at the first place: over the years we made our hotel always “eco-friendlier”, in order to reduce carbon footprint and water waste.
With your free contribution, trees will be purchased which you will find upon your arrival at the hotel and which you can plant with us
Our promise is to guarantee you a relaxing and cozy stay, in respect and love for the surrounding nature of Sardinia.
Our values: the staff of La Quercia follows daily the local eco-friendly code, limiting wastes and optimizing consumptions. Do you want to know how we join comfort and sustainability? Take a life-giving break at our hotel and find it out!

We guarantee sustainable well-being in many forms: at La Quercia , over the years, several renovations have been carried out to improve the quality of our service and become always eco-friendlier.

We have applied the most en

vironmentally friendly solutions in our hotel: light bulbs have been replaced by energy-saving LED lightening systems; to heat water in an indipendent way, we have installed solar-thermal panels; we set a rainwater collecting system to keep our garden lush and beautiful and so much more. Moreover, we have also renovated much of the hotel’s outdoor area by replacing cement with a lush green lawn.